Change of Use

Giving Buildings a New Lease of Life

Landlords, leaseholders, business owners and developers often look to convert buildings from one type of use to another. This sometimes needs planning permission from the local authority, in the form of a Change of Use application.

Examples include converting a commercial building into a family home; changing a house into flats or bedsits; or converting a building into a shop.

Before you buy a property or negotiate a lease for your business, you should confirm whether you need to obtain planning permission for your intended use. And if you do, you need to understand your chances of having that change of use accepted.

Change of use and permitted development

Certain changes of use are allowed without you having to obtain planning permission. But if you intend to make alterations to the exterior of the building to suit its new use (such as adding an extension, or changes to windows or doors), then you will still need to submit a planning application for this work.

We guide you through the planning process

We’ve helped many of our clients obtain planning permission for change of use. Over the past 30 years, we have worked very closely with local authorities in the East Midlands, so we know exactly which type of restrictions could be imposed, and we can advise you on the likely success of your application.

We always ensure that we help you with all stages of the process, from submitting the right level of drawing detail, to form filling or anticipating the level of information required at each stage.

Certain changes of use, such as from residential to commercial use, often require additional work to obtain Building Regulations approval. We can advise you about this as well.

Award-winning service

One of our recent change of use projects won the 2016 East Midlands LABC Award for Best Change of Use or Conversion. You can read a case study of that project here.

Have you read our Change of Use guide?

A helpful introductory guide about Change of Use

If you are new to the idea of use classes and are thinking of converting a building to new commercial use, we have written a helpful introductory guide that explains the process and highlights some of the things you need to consider.

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