Winfrey Farm


Barn Conversions
Barn Conversions

Winfrey Farm

Winfrey Farm is a farm complex on the southern side of Dadlington Lane, west of Stapleton’s rural hamlet.

To create these barn conversions in Hinckley, we worked closely with Lychgate Homes.

On the northeastern corner of the site, the site is surrounded by fields adjacent to an existing farmhouse.

Our team has submitted several applications, working with Lychgate Homes Ltd, to convert the barns into residential units over the past few years.

Our initial permit application for Class Q development was submitted in 2020. A number of brick buildings on site, along with three large steel-framed structures, were to be converted into residential units.

Certain redundant buildings can be converted under permitted development rules without requiring full planning permission.

An initial planning application was denied by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, which was subsequently dismissed by the inspector in a planning appeal.

We then decided to submit another class Q application, but this time only converting the existing brick barns into five dwellings. It will take until the end of 2020 for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to approve this application.

In terms of planning applications, we like to look at the commercial aspect. In order to create additional value from the site beyond the class Q approval, we were further engaged.

We decided to submit a new application after consulting with Fox Country Properties about the potential sales figures in the area. There are now four dwellings instead of five. In order to increase the value of the properties, we sought planning permission for small extensions to the barns, as well as garages.

Four dwellings will be constructed in the existing agricultural buildings after planning permission was granted in 2021.

Fox Country Properties is advertising the units using our CGI images that provide a photo-realistic view of the final product. Work has started on site, and Fox Country Properties is advertising the units using our CGI images.

The last 30 years have seen us work on many barn conversions with Lychgate Homes. This site will be of very high quality when it is finished, creating a fantastic development in the countryside.