Can I Build a House In My Back Garden?

farmhouse conversion in Packington, Leicestershire build in back garden

It’s one of the most frequent questions we are asked: “Can I build a house in my back garden?”. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, this could be an option for you. Many of the single plots we design are initially part of someone’s front, side or rear garden. Permitted development […]

Building Houses – How to Become a Property Developer

How to become a property developer, by David Granger Architectural Design Ltd

In the UK, housing is in short supply. The government’s White Paper “Fixing our Broken Housing Market”, published in 2017, states that an estimated 240-300,000 new homes are needed per year in England “for the foreseeable future”. With such a pressing need for new homes, is now a good time to become a property developer? […]

How to buy land at auction

How to buy land at auction, by David Granger Architectural Design Ltd

People buy land for many reasons. Some treat it as a safe investment. Others, having built up equity in a family home, might want to acquire land for a new-build house to suit their lifestyle. Others buy land to gift to their children to give them the chance to build a home. And developers are […]