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New Dwelling in the Castle Donington Conservation Area

This project was looking at the potential of building a new dwelling on a vacant piece of land adjacent to the clients home in Bond Gate, Castle Donington.

We were approached by our clients back in 2013. They were looking at the potential of building a new dwelling on a vacant piece of land adjacent to their home in Bond Gate, Castle Donington.

New home in Castle Donington

Other companies had previously sought to convert the existing garage to a dwelling, but planning permission was refused twice. The refusals were due to the impact on the conservation area and on a neighbouring home and highway safety. We knew we would have to take a different approach to the site, so our starting point was to build a team of consultants to overcome the issues previously raised.

Having looked at the site, we thought the ideal solution would be to demolish the existing garage and look at a complete new build development that would enhance the conservation area rather than have a detrimental impact.

Another primary constraint of the site was the topography. The site was split into two levels, with the bank to the rear rising approximately four meters from the road level. We soon realised the only option would be a split-level dwelling utilising the existing retaining wall on site.

We would need to make the appearance of the building fit in within the surrounding properties due to the conservation area setting, so selecting the materials and detailing was crucial from the start.

Split-level dwelling

Having discussed some alternatives with the client, we finally arrived at our design, a two-storey three-bedroom detached dwelling with a double garage. We also incorporated new vehicle access for the adjacent property.

The planning process was quite involved. We had several discussions with the council’s conversation officer to find an acceptable solution concerning the appearance and materials used.

Eventually, planning approval was achieved, which was a fantastic result bearing in mind the previous refusals on the site. Following planning approval, we have worked on a technical element of the project by producing working drawings for the design. As you will see from the photographs, the finished product is something we are very proud of.

The clients are hoping to move in soon, so we hope to provide additional photos on our Instagram account.

Watch this space!


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