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New Permitted Development Rights

New Permitted Development Rights

New permitted development rights for larger extensions

Back in 2013, the Government introduced changes to permitted development rights to homeowners, which included the larger home extension scheme. These new rules were brought in to help the recovery process from the recession for the construction industry.

The relaxed rules allowed permitted development rights for single-storey rear extensions of up to 8m for detached houses and 6m for terrace and semi-detached properties. The previous limits for development had been 4m for detached houses and 3m for other property types.

The scheme was due to end on 30th May 2019 with all projects to be finished before this date, so time was of the essence in terms of getting builders to complete their projects.

Fast forward to the 25th May 2019, the Government have now confirmed that this interim rule will become permanent. The change allows more flexibility for homeowners, negating the need for full planning permission, which should save time and cost.

However, if you’re planning a more substantial extension using the new permitted development rights, you will still have to notify the local planning authority before work commences, as they will have to consult with your neighbours first. If there are no objections, the local authority should allow the proposals by default.

It was initially thought, following a public consultation in October 2018, that permitted development rights to allow upward extensions would come into force on 25th May 2019. However, this has not yet been happened, although it is highly likely to be introduced in the future.

Other changes include:

  • A new Part 3 Class JA, which allows shops, financial and professional services, hot food takeaways, betting shops, payday loan shows and launderettes to change to office use, up to 500 sq.m. This is subject to various criteria and a prior approval application.
  • Part 3 Class M, which will allow hot food takeaways to change to residential use of up to 150 sq.m., again using the prior approval application.
  • Part 4 Class D is amended to allow temporary changes of use between various high street uses, offices and leisure facilities for three years and is widened to include change of use to particular community uses.

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