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Staff Spotlight: Joe Hubbard

Joe Hubbard

Throughout your experience as a customer of David Granger Design, we have a range of processes and teams in place designed to ensure the service you receive is first class.

We’re dedicated to providing you with expert advice on any questions you might have regarding your project. We know the process can sometimes be challenging (especially when it comes to planning issues), so we aim to help make the whole process a lot clearer.

This month we spoke to Architectural Technologist, Joe Hubbard, about his role in our client projects…

When did you start working at David Granger Architectural Design?

I joined the company in October 2017. Before this role, I was working as a renewables technician, dealing with the supply and installation of solar panels for projects of varying sizes, which was my first role after finishing at university.

What does your role involve

When I first joined I came with an open mind in terms of the kind of work I would be doing. My degree was a Joint Honours course in Property Development and Architectural Design, which encompasses the processes and skills of both the design and technical sides of the industry.

My initial role involved taking part in building surveys and producing existing detail drawings. Early on I was assigned small tasks in both the technical and design-based sides of the business, and I soon developed a preference for design-based work. I have since been assisting the design team with the production of design drawings, as well as producing existing details.

How does your role fit into the journey of a client’s project through the company?

My involvement is in the initial survey and design stages. When I draw a set of existing details for a project after completing a survey, these drawings will be used throughout the latter stages of the project. So it’s vital that these are accurate. For more information on what the building survey entails, see What is an Architectural Survey?

The complete existing detail drawings will then go to the next stage with the design team. I’ll produce a set of sketch proposals based on the client’s brief, and I’ll also make any amendments necessary either at a client’s request or for planning purposes.

When the scheme has been agreed with the client, I’ll draw a set of detailed planning proposals based on the approved plan. These drawings will be included in a planning application (if applicable), and they depict the scheme in a little more detail. The project is then taken to the next stage, which is with the technical team.

What makes you proud of working at David Granger Architectural Design?

The job itself. I have always had an interest in architecture, but for numerous reasons, I did not think I could get into this particular industry. After working at several jobs in different sectors after my A-Levels, I was able to achieve a place at University. Since completing my degree, I have been lucky enough to get a job with this company doing something I enjoy.

What is the most exciting change you’ve seen in the industry?

The advancement in CAD software and its ever-increasing applications is an exciting prospect that can only aid the industry. The quality of 3D visuals is always improving, and that helps the client visualise their plans. In the next few years, it will be interesting to see if augmented or virtual reality can be integrated into the construction industry which could allow for even further interaction between the client and their visions.

What do you do in your downtime?

As a relatively new homeowner, I tend to find a lot of my spare time is spent fixing things around the house or planning my next project – there’s usually something to be done!

I am a big football fan and will typically be watching a game where I can. I enjoy walking and exploring new places in different areas of the country, the Peak District, in particular, is a favourite.

What is the best customer experience you’ve had?

As I have not been in my role too long, I haven’t had many interactions with clients directly, but it is always rewarding to hear when a drawing I have produced has been well received by a client or a planning officer.

What do you enjoy most about working for David Granger Architectural Design?

I like the atmosphere in the office. Every co-worker has taught me something, and I feel like I’m continually learning new things about the work and the industry. It’s great to be working with such experience and specialisations.

I also enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on, ranging from small house extensions to significant developments. Every project is unique and brings with it its own requirements and set of challenges.


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