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Staff Spotlight: Simon Moore

Simon Moore, Architectural Technologist

Throughout your experience as a customer of David Granger Design, we have a range of processes and teams in place designed to ensure the service you receive is first class. We’re dedicated to providing you with expert advice on any questions you might have regarding your project. We know the process can sometimes be challenging (especially when it comes to planning issues), so we aim to help make the whole process a lot clearer.

We had a chat with one of our Architectural Technologists, Simon Moore, to get his views…

When did you start working at David Granger Design?

I started when I was completing my A-levels, helping with general office tasks like presenting and folding drawings. Then I went to University but continued to work here during the holidays. The role expanded as I gained more experience, in going to sites to carry out building surveys.

After graduation, I was offered a full-time position here and the decision to accept was an easy one.

What does your role involve?

My role has evolved. When I first started I was working as part of the survey team, measuring buildings and producing the existing drawings. While this helped give me a better understanding of how buildings were constructed I realised this was not my long-term preferred role, as I was developing more of a passion for design.

Following conversations with David, he decided to give me a chance on the design/sketch/planning aspect of projects, which can range from a site for numerous houses, one-off new homes, or house extensions. This involves turning our client’s briefs into sketch ideas for their consideration. Once a client has received their sketches, alterations are completed in line with their comments to finalise a scheme they’re happy to approve.

I am also involved with the planning side, which often starts off with pre-application discussions with the local authority to understand the likely acceptability of projects, before progressing them to formal planning applications. However, before making formal submissions, we need to turn sketches into detailed planning drawings.

As part of this process I liaise with both clients and planning officers on a regular basis and now find myself having more regular direct meetings.

How does your role fit into the journey of a client’s project through the company?

Once an initial topographical survey and existing drawings have been completed, I look at the client’s brief and design a scheme that meets their requirements, while also coming up with alternative solutions they might not have considered.

I then present these to the client and discuss them to ensure they are happy.

I look after the client until a successful planning approval has been achieved. If the planning officer is not entirely happy with the proposals, I will make minor alterations until we achieve a favourable decision. Once approved, I pass the files to our technical team for them to progress the project to the next stage.

What makes you proud of working here?

I am proud of the way we aim to complete any design proposals to the highest standard we can. We always aim to ensure that our clients are happy with any drawings before we move onto the next stage of the process. We always try to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible, because no matter how big or small a project is it can be a stressful time for our clients.

What is the most existing change you’ve seen in the industry?

Most exciting is the change in the technology we use to prepare drawings. Also, the ongoing improvements to industrial materials that are used as part of the construction.

I have personally never used a drawing board, but when I first started at this practice, there was still some around. Today they are nowhere to be seen – everything is drawn on a computer. The way software has improved means we are now able to offer clients 3D drawings which help to bring their visions to life.

The choice of materials available has also changed considerably. It used to be that buildings would mainly be constructed in conventional brickwork or block and render with traditional windows. Now we’re able to use various types of cladding, metal roof coverings, glazing, timber frame, as well as many environmentally friendly materials which are popular from an energy conservation perspective.

What do you do in your downtime?

I play cricket for a local club in Ashby. I am also a Leicester City fan and like to go when I can.

I like going travelling – trying out new cultures and seeing new cities is always great fun. One of my favourite places so far is Budapest as some of the architecture there is stunning. I also enjoy travelling in this country. I am fortunate that my family own a static caravan in Devon, which we can visit whenever our work commitments allow.

What is the best customer experience you’ve had?

It is always great when you get positive feedback from a client, and they are happy with the proposals and the outcome of their project, but there is one project that stands out for me.

It was this project that I worked on closely with David, creating the design together from our client’s brief, to produce a plan which fulfilled their expectations. I had a follow-up meeting with the clients to discuss our proposals, and after a few minor alterations to the scheme, they were pleased with and wanted to progress the project.

The site is on my route to work, and I was able to drive past regularly to watch the project progress. Towards the end of the build, I contacted the client to arrange a visit. The project looked terrific, and our clients could not have been more pleased with the results. This is something which always gives me great satisfaction as it is their home and it is essential to get it right to suit their needs.

What do you enjoy most about working at David Granger Design?

The aspect I enjoy the most is the variety of work I get to be involved in. No two projects are ever the same, and it is a great feeling to help clients make their dreams come true, creating a lovely home for their specific requirements.

With such a mix of work, it gives a great chance to keep learning; you never know until David provides you with the brief, what project is waiting for you to get stuck into next!


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