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Utilising the skills of an Estate Agent – Whitehead’s Estate Agents

This is the latest in a series of guest posts from carefully selected companies with whom we work to make sure we can give our clients as comprehensive a service as possible. Today’s post is by Peter Whitehead, MD of Whitehead’s Estate Agents.

Love us or loathe us, you can’t do without us – very often the skills and advice of an Estate Agent are underestimated.

The way we lead our lives and the lifestyles we wish to create for ourselves are paramount to any significant financial decision. Your home is your most important asset, and if you wish to maximise its value by extending or developing, seeking early advice is critical.

“Shall we move or extend?” is a question we’ve been asked many times, along with “will we get our money back?” An Estate Agent can answer both these questions, one way or the other.

Extending a home requires the designer’s skill to create a plan and nurture it through the planning process. It needs quotes from builders to determine the cost and timescales. Lastly, it requires expert advice from a local Estate Agent to look at current and future property values, to ascertain whether the project is going to be financially worthwhile.

We work in unison with the team at David Granger Design to guide and advise clients as to the right choices for them to take.

Development potential

People who own homes on large plots of land are now discovering they could be sitting on a potential goldmine if they were to obtain planning approval to build a home or two on their site. Often it takes an Estate Agent to identify this opportunity or to plant a seed in the owner’s mind that this potential can be realised. Working with David Granger and his team we have identified plots and schemes over recent years, assessing the current house value and the effect that developing a site would have on current and future house values if planning consent was gained.

Site appraisals

Another area where Estate Agents are invaluable is providing site appraisals for developers. Where sites have been identified or bought, we are asked to conduct site appraisals to determine whether schemes are viable or not and to assess the land value to ensure the developer isn’t paying over the odds.

By working closely with David Granger and his expert team, we have proved invaluable assistance in guiding many clients to take the right decisions to enrich their lives and lifestyle with their current and future homes.

If you would like to discuss any plans you may have, now or in the future, please contact Peter Whitehead at Whitehead’s Estate Agents of Ashby.


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